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Fall Antiques Show Pre-Party

Fall Antiques Show Pre-Party

Fall Antiques Show Pre-Party | SFLUXE 1

We were just about to report on the pre-party hosted at the beautiful home of Suzanne and Carson Levit last week for benefactors of The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, 2008, when we noticed Zahid Sardar’s article about antiques dealer Therien & Co., partly owned by Robert Garcia, one of the founders of the antiques show.

The Chronicle’s Sardar notes that “the focus among collectors and designers has definitely changed, as they seek newer works to play off traditional antiques.” He says you will see this shift in taste towards 20th century work reflected in this year’s show, with a particular emphasis on how antique pieces from different eras can be used together.

Leslie Thieriot and Kimberly Bakker at the pre-party

Kimberly Quinlan Bakker, director of the SF Fall Antiques Show, says that among international exhibitors, designer Axel Vervoodt has raised the bar for this new eclectic sensibility of mixing high and low design, antiques and more contemporary furniture.

The 2008 Fall Antiques Show will open the 23rd (closing on the 26th), with a preview gala on the 22nd. Details can be found at the EHSS.ORG.

JP Thieriot, Troy Griepp, and Carson Levit, who co-hosted the party with his wife Suzanne
Jenna Hunt, Bryan Hunt and Suzanne Levit

John Gunn, Terry Gross, Scott Gross
Michael Echavez, Stella Edralin
Melissa Barber, Patrick Barber
Erin Lowenberg, Lana Adair
Kate Chung, Kristen O’Donnell
Suzanne Levit, Allison Speer
Michele Goss, John Gunn, Cynthia Gunn
Louis Sykes, Kimberly Bakker
Seth Matarasso, Kathryn Lasater
Klause Murer, Katie Buds, John Hoganson
Cynthia Palmer, Dominic Phillips, Sandy Balvonado
  • Photos (top): Antiques from Therien & Co. furnish co-owner Walter Zolezzi’s Nob Hill home. []
  • Photos (party): Drew Altizer []
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