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Extraordinary Homes, at Waterworks

Extraordinary Homes, at Waterworks

Panache Partners recently releases an exquisite book that captures the best of California design.

Complementary to the popular Dream Homes series, Extraordinary Homes California celebrates phenomenal architecture throughout San Diego and Orange Counties, the heart of San Francisco, burgeoning Silicon Valley and renowned Marin County.

Top-tier architects, designers and builders from Northern and Southern California unite in this phenomenal collection to present their finest work—which ranges from cutting-edge contemporary to masterfully classical—along with their diverse and original perspectives, philosophies and creative inspirations.

San Francisco-based architects, builders and designers in the book include: Arnn Gordon Greineder, Brayton Hughes Design Studios, Charlie Barnett & Associates, De Sousa Hughes, Holly Hulburd Design, Kaplan Architects, Mattingly Thaler Architecture, Ryan Associates, Steven Miller Design Studio and Wheeler Design Group, with several others throughout the Bay Area and the rest of the state.

Price $40.00 / Page Count: 240

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