Expensive Christmas Wine

Vogue featured Swanson Vineyard’s gift wines in their December issue.

We never do gift guides at SFLuxe. Don’t like them. Gifting should be fun and personal, and guides or recommendations are so the opposite of that.

But after reading this month’s Vogue, which is chock-full of gift ideas, we were inspired to make one exception. This Christmas, one item we’re sure you’ll have fun giving out is the “Expensive Christmas Wine” by Swanson Vineyards.

The delightful $25.00 bottle is a 2007 Bordeaux that the winemaker has packaged for a variety of occasions (“Thrilled For You!” “Just Married” “Mazel Tov,” etc..)

You can buy one, or mix-and-match the different types of bottles in a case for $270 – perfect for yearlong gift-giving!