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Drew Houston in the Daily Mail

Drew Houston in the Daily Mail

Drew Houston in the Daily Mail | SFLUXE 1
drew houston
Drew Houston
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Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston has gotten plenty of media coverage this year, so he must be used to it by now, but even he must have been surprised by his recent appearance in London’s Daily Mail.

“America’s newest young internet billionaires… Dropbox power couple join elite group of super-rich twenty-somethings,” was the headline.

Cece Cheng

CeCe Cheng
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The Daily Mail depicted 28-year-old Drew and girlfriend CeCe Cheng (who does PR for as a new “power couple” and breathlessly claimed that the “young couple have just become Silicon Valley’s newest young billionaires.” The article largely followed the lead of an earlier story by Gawker’s Ryan Tate.

Arash Ferdowsi

Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston
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While it’s assumed that the San Francisco-based company’s new valuation of $4 billion would put Drew Houston and co-founder CTO Arash Ferdowsi (who is 25 and single, ladies) in the billionaire’s boy’s club – the last time we checked, girlfriends of billionaires are not automatically billionaires themselves (a fact of which said girlfriend is usually quite aware.)

But when the Houston-Cheng status update changes, we’re sure the Daily Mail will be on the job to let everyone know!