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Dressing for La Belle Epoque

Dressing for La Belle Epoque

Dressing for La Belle Epoque | SFLUXE
The Divine Sarah, Sarah Bernhardt, by Georges Clairin

La Belle Epoque, the theme of this year’s Opening Night Gala for the San Francisco Ballet, was inspired by the great period of 1900 to 1914 when science, technology and especially the arts, flourished all over the world. It was the height of Impressionism, the flowering of Art Noveau, and the birth of modernism and expressionism.

It was also one of the most exciting periods for French Haute Couture, when Charles Worth ruled the world of fashion and young Coco Chanel was just a hat maker.

So now, when dressing for the gala event, what does one wear to honor the theme while still staying modern and chic for today? Apparently San Francisco’s Lily Samii has the answer, as she’s dressing at least 9 women for the night!

Marie Hurabiell, Alison Mauze, Kelli Burill, Julie Ballard, Susan Van Wagner, Leni Herst, Keylee Sanders, Ye-Hui Lu, Carleen Hawn will all be wearing Lily Samii. We are especially looking forward to seeing Keylee Sanders, who according to Lily, “will stand out in a plunging coral printed charmeuse gown with long chiffon drapes trailing behind her.”

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