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Dr. Chang’s Understated Chic

Dr. Carolyn Chang at Saks. Photo by Drew Altizer.

I ran into Dr. Carolyn Chang at Sak’s Zac Posen show and we chatted briefly about the clothes (we also enjoyed watching Joy Venturini Bianchi strut her stuff for the camera, and admired her impeccable chic.) I didn’t know who she was at the time. It wasn’t until she left that I realized I had enjoyed reading about Dr. Chang in the current issue of SFis earlier in the day! Duh!

“You won’t catch Dr. Carolyn Chang wearing one of those drab institutional lab coats when consulting with her clients,” writes SFis’ Sylvia Rubin. “The Pacific Heights plastic surgeon is known for the chic outfits and designer shoes she wears everywhere except the OR.”

But don’t expect to see Galliano flash-and-dash on Dr. Chang’s back — her style is more minimalist and sophisticated, with a preference for Rick Owens, Lanvin, and Chanel.

Why is this important? Consider this, ladies: Do you really want a plastic surgeon who wears Donatella-era Versace?

If I were to have someone work on my face, I’d want her to be wearing Lanvin or Chanel!

A great plastic surgeon isn’t just a doctor, she’s an artist, and should have an eye for what really looks good. Dr. Chang’s got that eye.