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Donna Karan Resort 2012 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Donna Karan Resort 2012 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Donna Karan Resort 2012 at Saks Fifth Avenue | SFLUXE

donna karan resort 2012

Model Nicole Whittaker in Donna Karan Resort 2012

Vogue Magazine, with Sabrina Buell and Kimberly Miller, recently hosted an event at Saks Fifth Avenue in San Francisco to showcase Donna Karan’s Resort 2012 collection. The event, in support of Oxbow School, presented the collection to a group of elegant young women who live the kind of busy lifestyle that Donna has built her career on addressing — like that of PR executive Jessica Mullens who gushed that Donna Karan “is such a perfect line for SF, chic but casual.”

sabrina buell, kim miller, donna karan

Sabrina Buell and Kimberly Miller in Donna Karan Resort 2012

Donna herself recently wrote about Sabrina and Kim at her online journal, featuring them among her “Women Who Inspire,” a group of women that includes Barbra Streisand, Demi Moore, Uma Thurman, Cornelia Guest, Zaha Hadid, Rachel Zoe, Evelyn Lauder, among others. Not bad company to keep!

sabrina buell in donna karan

Sabrina Buell is one of Donna Karan’s “Women Who Inspire”

She called Kimberly Miller “a true sole sister,” praising her for helping raise $8 million for the women’s and children’s beneficiary hosts involved with “Wine Women & Shoes,” where Kim is Director of Business Development. About Sabrina Buell, Donna appreciated her work for the Oxbow School in the Napa Valley (Buell sits on the Board of Trustees.) The Oxbow School is a unique semester program for high-school students that combines rigorous studio art practice with innovative academics.

keylee sanders

Keylee Sanders, Dana Windatt

donna karan

Caroline Cameron, Marcy Karpowitz

donna karan

Cheryl Baxter, Laura DuBain

donna karan

Heidi Pettit, Karen Caldwell

donna karan saks sf

Afsaneh Akhtari, Daru Kawalkowski

donna karan saks sf

Oscar Renteria, Denise Renteria