The Dom Perignon Dinner at Neiman Marcus

The Event

Neiman Marcus recently held an intimate dinner to celebrate three Dom Pérignon vintages at its Rotunda Restaurant in San Francisco.

Alan Morrell, Neiman Marcus’s Vice President and General Manager, gathered guests including Karen and Oliver CaldwellGary Shansby, Karen Kubin, and Pamala and Ted Deikel to introduce Vintage 2004, Oenothèque 1996, and Vintage Rosé 2003.  

Julia Fitzroy , Marketing Director for Dom Pérignon (the parent company is LVMH), led a festive toast at the table, and introduced each of the three vintages served.

The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus.  150 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94102  (415) 249-2720

Karen Caldwell, Julia Fitzroy
Karen Caldwell, Julia Fitzroy
Pamala Deikel, Ted Deikel
Pamala Deikel, Ted Deikel
dom perignon
Dom Perignon, Vintage 2004
Helen Hu, Michael Yang
Jane Mudge, Nellis Smith