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Denise Hale Speaks

Denise Hale Speaks

Denise Hale Speaks | SFLUXE

Denise Hale spoke to the Chronicle’s Sylvia Rubin for the paper’s weekend edition about the sudden passing of her dear friend Gianfranco Ferre.

“I was the sister he never had, and one of his only real friends,” she said of the designer, whom she first met in the late 1970s. In the 11 years since her husband, Prentis, died, Ferre made sure to keep in touch with her. “He watched over me…. Every 10 days the phone would ring,” Hale said. “It was Gianfranco. He’d say, ‘How are you? Anything you want to tell me? Do you need anything?'”

He always ended their calls by saying “I love you. Bye.”

It’s really an interesting piece. If you missed it on Sunday, it’s available at the link below.


More ugliness for Denise from the mouth of Linda Hale Bucklin. This is from Bruce Bellingham‘s column:

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“Linda’s flipping mad with W Magazine which quoted Linda saying that ‘Denise is the worst role model since … Dede Wilsey.’ Linda wants a retraction because she never said any such thing, and it’s ‘outrageous to pair an elegant, classy woman like Dede Wilsey with someone like Denise Hale.’ It’s true that everybody likes Dede. “

Such viciousness around town. One almost wants to start a stepmom support group for the ladies. Somehow, though, I think they’ll do just fine.

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