Danielle Steel’s Past Life?

Bartolomeo Veneto’s “Lucrezia Borgia” (1502-1530)

I haven’t had a chance to read Tom Perkins new book, “Valley Boy,” but I’m really really looking forward to it. He’s such an interesting person, and it sounds like he’s packed the book with a lot of great stories.

This month San Francisco magazine’s Bruce Kelley published some of his favorite bits concerning Perkins’ ex-wife, Danielle Steel, whom I adore. I’m relieved to see that he doesn’t make her look mean or crazy or diva-like. She strikes me very much like a fabulous, eccentric woman of a “Classic Hollywood” era film, in a big house of kids and staff and closets full of amazing couture. She’s Bette Davis, she’s Rosalind Russell, she’s Joan — no, forget it, she’s NOT Joan Crawford.

We are told that when writing, she can produce two novels in two-weeks of 20-hour days. “No breaks of any type, no phone calls, no social interactions… Food trays are left outside,” says Perkins. He writes about her lawsuits, threats from stalkers, son Nick Traina‘s death, freak accidents, death threats, and … all of which leads us to the image you see above:

“I sometimes teased her by asking what had she done in a previous life. Had she been, maybe, Lucrezia Borgia?”

Perhaps that explains her dramatic fashion sense, and taste for lush romantic fiction.