Nancy Reagan’s Collection in San Francisco

The elusive collection was featured in an online auction for two days at Christie's

BY Glenden Hess - August 30, 2016

Christie’s recently hosted a reception and preview in San Francisco for the September auction of Nancy Reagan’s Private Collection.

Charlotte Shultz

Photos: Drew Altizer


Featuring 260 lots with everything from fine art to handbags and jewelry to tableware, this collection is personal and one of a kind. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is slated to receive the proceeds from the auction.

Allison Speer, Barbara Brown

Photos: Drew Altizer


Ellanor Notides, Martin Chapman

Photos: Drew Altizer


George Shultz

Photos: Drew Altizer


Meriwether McGettigan, Charlotte Shultz

Photos: Drew Altizer


Brooke Hazelton

Photos: Drew Altizer


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