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ChicMeetsGeek is an event designed to bridge the social gap between the cultural chic and intellectual geeks. It is similar to a conference, but with a social atmosphere. The purpose is to gather two different groups in one room to inspire, share, and connect through a panel of geek and chic leaders to talk about their inspirational background. A nonprofit beneficiary is highlighted at every ChicMeetsGeek event and themed around the speaker panelists’ expertise to bridge the gap.

Robin Farmanfarmaian, Jane Burkhard

ChicMeetsGeek chose as the non-profit beneficiary for a recent event which took place at the ultra-chic geek Automattic Lounge at Pier 38 in San Francisco. The location is also well-known by geeks as the headquarters of Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, a user-friendly blogging platform. is a nonprofit social venture, based in Palo Alto, that empowers underprivileged and under-resourced high school students with an education in entrepreneurship.

Lexy Franklin, Raffael Marty

Carol Tran, Founder of ChicMeetsGeek, chose because she wanted to highlight a non-profit that emphasized her love for mentorship. She acknowledges that her accomplishments and career path would not have been achieved if it was not for the mentors in her life. Carol believes in giving back and highlighting extraordinary individuals who do extraordinary things in their community. Many of these individuals do incredible things but are never highlighted by the press because they accomplish it in a humble demeanor. ChicMeetsGeek is about spotlighting the “local” community and creating a bridge between two groups, the chic and geek, to help one another by elevating each other’s strength to pursue one mission — to give back.

Gregor Han, Kai Huang

A 100% of the proceeds earned from the silent auction was donated to They earned several thousands of dollars that evening. ChicMeetsGeek auctioned off the most expensive thing one could ever have – people’s time. The silent auction gave chic and geeks a unique opportunity to meet, learn and be insprired by individuals with extraordinary backgrounds and experiences. Are you a geek who is curious about the life of a beauty queen or a rock star in a band? Maybe you are a chic that always wanted to learn the daily life of a tech writer or entrepreneur? It was a great opportunity to bid on an influential chic and/or geek. The silent auction also consisted several products from very well-respected local businesses, such as Marin French Cheese Company, Blind Bunney, Bare Escentuals, etc.

Kristen Leep, Anjelika Deogirikar

Suzanne Klahr, Joy Nordenstrom
Kai Chang, Kai Huang, Gregor Han
Brian Zisk, Matthew Gonzales, Todd Tate
Sherman Souter, Jennifer Yomojida
Sumaya Kazi, Luis Gomez
David Weekly, Jessica Mah, Kai Chang
Maria Kochetkova, Carol Tran