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Chicer than Cleaver

Elizabeth Scokin's Chic Aprons

Remember how June Cleaver would do housework in high heels, pearls, and a simple cotton apron over her 1950s full-skirt dress while hubby read the paper and tended to business? Well Ward would never have left the kitchen if June wore an apron like these.

Style and entertaining expert Elizabeth Scokin designed the Haute Hostess line of aprons for the woman who wants to “glam it up” a bit when hosting a party. Indeed, she named the collection of aprons “Glam It Up.” But don’t think her customers are keeping them in the kitchen all day — I’m told local events planner Claudia Ross even wears them around the office!

My favorite is the hand-crafted “luxe” apron, with ribbon appliques. The “Coco” version, in black and white (priced at $300), would be amazing with gads of necklaces, just as Coco Chanel herself would have worn it.

Right now the line is available online, but not in any San Francisco shops. The designer will be in town this week, so if I see her I’ll lobby for her to get them sold locally.

Sorry Mrs. Cleaver, but the cotton calico apron simply won’t fly in San Francisco.