Check Out the Trailer for Mademoiselle C by Carine Roitfeld
Carine Roitfeld's Mademoiselle C trailer
Carine Roitfeld's Mademoiselle C trailer is epic.

A lot of people are aware that Carine Roitfeld's documentary entitled Mademoiselle C will be hitting the theaters this September 11, 2013. However, not a lot of people have seen the Mademoiselle C trailer yet.

Of course, it is epic. You get to hear Tom Ford say that Carine Roitfeld is his “ideal woman” and you get to see some pre-shoot drama going on after a model cancels at the last minute. You even get to hear Carine Roitfeld’s thoughts about bidding farewell to Conde Nast and being a grandmother.

Intrigued yet? Check out the Mademoiselle C trailer here!