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Chanel’s Golden Glove

Shown last week in London at Chanel’s gorgeous pre-Fall 2008 ultra-luxury collection were the most amazing pair of golden lace gloves you will ever see. (Shown on the models above and below.)

Not for sale yet, they should be on the wish list of any well dressed woman for 2008 (contact Chanel on Maiden Lane for more info.)

What makes these gloves so special? Read on (from the Times of London):

‘Karl calls for his right-hand woman: “Le-ti-cia!” She brings a delicate lace glove, which, upon close inspection, is made from real gold. “They dip the lace in the metal, then use a laser to cut it to shape,” says Lagerfeld. “Technically, it is very new. The best thing to keep a company alive is to give them new ideas, new challenges, to push them not where they used to be, but where they should try to go.” Whether it is hand-fraying the edges of a chiffon cape, embedding jewels into a leather glove, or creating shoes with real light bulbs for heels (flick a switch and they illuminate), whatever Lagerfeld dreams up, the ateliers produce. Can they really make anything? “Impossible isn’t French,” he says. It isn’t Lagerfeld either.’