Chanel Just Bought Four Silk Manufacturers

The French brand is on the move forward

BY Glenden Hess - September 2, 2016

Chanel has been on a streak lately, acquiring a winery, tannery, and embroidery atelier. Now the A-list luxury brand has purchased majority stock in 3 French silk manufacturers and minority stock in another.

Caption Chanel-Couture

In mid-July, Chanel acquired Denis & Fils (the only minority stake investment in this round of acquirement), Textile Henri Lacroix, Moulinages de Riotord, and Hugo Tag Ennoblissement. This is all part of the company’s vertical integration action plan that has taken off like a 24-karat gold, diamond-encrusted rocket and leads us to wonder what’s next for Chanel.

Source: cpp luxury

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