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Chanel Brings Versailles to Beverly Hills

Chanel Brings Versailles to Beverly Hills

chanel beverly hills

Chanel Brings Versailles to Beverly Hills

One way Chanel has become the most popular luxury fashion house on the planet is by knowing how to make their clients feel especially important, and they do this by thinking of fun, creative new ways to entertain them at their fashion shows.

chanel versailles

Last year, Chanel presented their Cruise collection at the beautiful Atherton estate of Bita Daryabari, drawing Chanel’s best customers from throughout the Bay Area. This year the California debut of the Cruise 2012/2013 collection was held at a private residence in Beverly Hills, presented by Susan Casden.

We were delighted to see some recognizable faces at the fashion show luncheon, including Jacqueline Sacks, visiting from San Francisco, designer Monique Lhullier, Dorothy Torresi, Shiva Rose, Merle Ginsberg, and Gabrielle Williams Choo, who not only shares Chanel’s style but Coco’s first name! There were no celebrities — likely because the showing was not for women who just borrow Chanel. They live it.

monique lhullier

Gabrielle Choo and Monique Lhullier

The Beverly Hills showing was modelled on Karl Lagerfeld’s showing in the gardens of Versailles earlier this year. Held outside, the estate’s tennis court was transformed into a California version of the Gardens of Versailles, with weather so warm it perfectly suited the breezy Cruise looks.

chanel beverly hills

“It was 90 and hot,” Gabrille Choo told us, but she wasn’t complaining. “It was an amazing afternoon!” Another guest, Marrin Costello, concurred. “Unbelievable! So happy to be part of the event,” she said.

And to top it all off, guests left with a Chanel bag containing a chic pair of Chanel sunglasses!

Anna Itkin

Elana Pikover, Anna Itkin

Christine Chu and Guest, Gabrielle Choo and Susan Rothenberg

Guests included Anna Itkin, Christine Chu, Cindy Hogan, Elise Chin, Carla Sands, Muni Fry, Gale Lipton, Beth Moskowitz, Diana Zeydel, Elizabeth Trujillo, Eva Hsieh, Vivian Wang, Dorothy Wang, Elana Pikover, Golriz Moeini, Judy Chang, Nancy Jane Goldston, Jenni Kayne, Joni Smith, Kimberly Selby, Heidi Severino, Laura Dunn, Beau Dunn, Lea Porter, Gale Gilmore, Toby Lisbon, Nikki Lafferty, Deena Singer, Kelly Katz, Suzanne Kayne, Hilary Hogan, Sharon Oberfeld, Jamie Steele, Sari Tuschman, Leslie Mackenzie, Dorothy Chernick, Tracy Esse, Tonya Turner, Vivian Zhai, Yfat Oren, stylist Stephanie Kradjian, and others.

Here we present some exclusive images from the luncheon.