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Celebrity Cruises Brings the World to our Waterfront

Though Summer is nearly over, there’s still no reason not to carve out some time and go for a wonderful, relaxing cruise. The idea certainly crosses my mind whenever I pass the piers in San Francisco and see a huge ship about to depart. It looks so exciting!

But where to go? My friend Beth Schnitzer recently alerted me to Celebrity Cruises’ Caribbean “Evening Around the World” excursions, and I’m thinking that’s the right idea.

With Caribbean destinations in Bermuda, Colombia, St. Maarten, Mexico, Aruba, Curacao and Barbados, each cruise includes special evening shore excursions. For example, there’s jazz, bonfires and boat parties in Cozumel, or a wine tasting in Willemstad, Curacao.

Perusing the Celebrity Cruises site, though, I see even more destinations that I’m not sure I can resist. Europe, Asia, South America. Another reason to love San Francisco — we have the world at our waterfront!