CelebriModel Alert: Willow Smith is the New Face of Chanel!

Chanel has expanded the concept of beauty by choosing young celebrity, Willow Smith, as the brand’s newest ambassador.

Barneys, Adidas
Willow Smith posing for Chanel is the most amazing thing.

“It’s not every day that a 15 year-old black girl with dreads gets elected to be the Chanel ambassador,” she recently said in an interview about how she feels about being the ambassador of Chanel.

Barneys, Adidas
Uber-stylish 15-year-old as an ambassador of Chanel.

“I know a lot of girls that look like me feel that they’re not beautiful and feel like they don’t have a place in the media or a place in the world.”

Barneys, Adidas
Chanel couldn’t get a cooler ambassador.

“I want them to know that’s not true, and if you’re confident and you love yourself then everything you see, your perception, will start to change and you’ll see things differently. I want to show those girls that might not think they’re beautiful but they are.”

Barneys, Adidas
The more Willow, the better.

Miss Smith being the youngest ambassador for Chanel is the coolest thing ever. Willow explained that her upbringing has impacted her sense of personal style and creativity: “I would throw on crazy things which just didn’t go together and my Mom would be like ‘are you sure you want to do that?! It’s your decision if you want to do that.’ At a young age we were taught that it’s ok to dress however you want and express yourself” she said.

Barneys, Adidas
Nobody can match the energy of Willow smith.

“It’s not what anyone else thinks about you, it’s what you think about yourself.”

Barneys, Adidas
Chanel is breaking the stereotypical definitions of beauty.

Source: Oxygen