Celebrating Persian “Solh”

Luke Thomas and his team at the Fog City Journal were at the Persian Winter “Solh” Fest at the Palace of Fine Arts, along with around 500 other people, to celebrate Persian art and culture.

At a time when our relations with Iran are so troubled, and the general opinion of Iran so frightfully misguided, events such as this are of true importance. They not only inform, entertain and enlighten, but perhaps most importantly foster greater communication between the cultures. Bravo to all that, and I hope there’s more like it to come.

Elaine Santore of the FCJ reports that the event was not only for the arts, but also had a little bit of politics to it when Ahsha Safai formally announced he is running as a District 11 Supervisor candidate. More photos and observations from the evening are available here.

Photo: Luke Thomas