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Celebrating Luda!

Celebrating Luda!

As we always enjoy seeing Ludmilla Eggleton, we were so disappointed that we couldn’t make it to her recent birthday party at Cassis. We’re told that the French food was delicious, and the company divine!

Magdalene Chan (the artist), Ludmila Eggleton, and Conchita Applegate, who is running for the California State Assembly, District 12.

There were more than 40 guests at the celebration, including folks such as Alan Malouf, Beth Townsend, Tanya and Henry Phillips, Xenia Stepanidou (the Consul General of Greece), and Conchita Applegate with her banker husband Bill Applegate.

Ludmilla with venture capitalist Ron Weissman, who took all of the photos you see here (except for this one, naturally.)

Alan Malouf

Ludmilla with Enrique Biasotti and Emely Weissman

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Ludmilla, with friends Beth Townsend and Alan Malouf

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