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Celebrating ARFAC at the St. Regis

Celebrating ARFAC at the St. Regis

Celebrating ARFAC at the St. Regis | SFLUXE 3
Claudia Ross, Barbara Brown, and friend at the St. Regis

Benefactors of Alzheimer’s Research for a Cure (ARFAC) recently met to celebrate the organization’s upcoming gala, which takes place at the Ferry Building on Friday, February 6th, 2009.

Sandy Mandel and Robert Day

Sandra Mandel, the gala chair, opened up her beautiful residence at the St. Regis for the benefactor party, which included neighbors such as Willie Brown, Jr., Robert and Denise Day, Bob and Lori Pryt, Tania Modic, among others. Guests then moved on to a dinner downstairs at the hotel.

Sandy Mandel, Willie Brown, Jackie Speier, ARFAC Board Member W. Scott Harkonen, M.D.

The Honorable Willie L. Brown Jr., and congresswoman Jackie Speier are on the Honorary Committee for the February 6th event, along with Jennifer Siebel Newsom. Robert Kennedy Shriver III is the Honorary Chair. Tickets can be purchased online at

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John Wright, Barbara Brown, and friend
Ivan Bekichev and Olga Robles listen as ARFAC Board Member Adrienne Mally voices her support of the organization.
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