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Catching Up With Laura Albert

Catching Up With Laura Albert

Linda Loundermilk and Laura Albert aka Jt LeRoy

After reading Laura Albert’s recent piece in “A Shaded View Of Fashion” (our favorite fashion site), we realized it had been a while since we chatted. So we tracked her down and were delighted to hear about her public appearances in London, Paris, New York and elsewhere.

A recent sold-out reading at “The Moth” in New York was filmed and placed on youtube – a video we hope you check out.

It’s a brief but remarkable account of her life as a writer. “How do you get people to see what they never saw before,” she asks, explaining her passion for writing.

For those who may not be familiar with her work, this reading will surely be intriguing. And for those who have found themselves in life’s most difficult situations, she offers this unapologetic yet powerfully forgiving piece of irony:

“How can you apologize for what kept you alive.”

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