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Cartier’s Dazzling Evening

Cartier’s Dazzling Evening

Cartier's Dazzling Evening | SFLUXE

Molly Sims and Jennifer Siebel (wearing Ralph Lauren.)

The photos of the Cartier opening on Thursday evening have reached the SFluxe desk, and everyone looks just as fabulous as I remember them. But here’s the thing — I had no idea that Molly Sims was there! (She’s a good friend of Jennifer Siebel’s.)

How could I not notice her? Perhaps I was too dazzled by all the beautiful jewels in the gorgeous new store.

Dede Wilsey and John Traina seemed to enjoy their visit to the shop. Of all the people there, no one seemed quite… at home as Dede.

Of course Gavin was there. And no, he is not being mugged — the man at his right is the president and CEO of Cartier North America, Frederic de Narp.

Is he not one of the most handsome CEO’s you have ever seen?

Gavin Newsom with Frederic de Narp and Cartier San Francisco Director Robert Atkinson.

Frederic de Narp and Robert Atkinson chatting with Dede Wilsey and John Traina.

Karen Caldwell, classically elegant in Carolina Hererra. But you should see her shoes! You can’t tell by this photo, but her shoes are covered with all sorts of tiny little crystal beads, as if Dorothy’s magic ruby slippers had been golden. Someone else compared them to Cinderella’s!

Cartier’s Robert Atkinson with Vanessa Getty.

Dr. Carolyn Chang wore vintage Azzedine Alaia in Cartier red.

Katya Sorokko turned heads in her chic little dress.

Tatiana Sorokko wore a fabulous ensemble from the super-hot designers at Rodarte, who are friends of hers. She had just arrived from New York in the morning, where she had been attending some fashion week events (she’s a contributing editor at Harper’s Bazaar.)

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