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Buoyant and Lively Summer

Buoyant and Lively Summer

Buoyant and Lively Summer | SFLUXE 2

As my friend Laura Albert recently commented: “Something has been surpassed, and there’s no turning back.”

She was referring to the cultural shift that has taken place since marriage equality for the LGBT community has started to become a reality across the state and beyond, beginning in this very city.

Indeed, throughout San Francisco in recent months, one notices a renewed enthusiasm among gays and lesbians. You could see it, for instance, at the packed screenings of Geoff Callan’s film “The Pursuit of Equality,” at the beginning of the year. Then, in June, there was the super-fabulous red carpet event that Mark Rhoades put together at Mecca for Pink Party’s launch of Gay Pride Week, as well as the splashy GLAAD media awards.

And just last Sunday, people crowded into Orson to support GLAAD’s efforts to bring about LGBT marriage equality. Laura, who was at the Orson party, described the mood as “buoyant and lively,” with people full of hope!

Hope for greater equality. Hope for a new kind of political leadership! Hope for several more seasons of Project Runway? Who knows what people are hoping for, but at least they’ve got something to keep them going each day (and in fabulous style, of course.) Here, below, is our look back at the Summer of Hope in San Francisco.

Laura Albert with Sabrina Riddle and Trace Cohen at Orson. Photo by Darryl DeWald.

Joshua Oakley and Laura at Orson.

Orkut Buyukkokten of Google and partner Derek Holbrook (photographed by Drew Altizer at the big Prada opening in July) were one of the more visible gay couples to announce their plans to marry.

Julie Candice of with Robert Hanson, CEO of Levi’s, photographed at Pink Magazine’s party in June. Seeing such an absolutely gorgeous pairing of people, I was tempted to select them as our “Cutest Couple of the Month.” But since they’re not romantically involved, that might be… confusing. Still, they do look good together, don’t they?

I must ask, however, if Julie is ever photographed with men who aren’t devastatingly handsome? Here she is with actor Jason Lewis at the GLAAD event in May.

Wilkes Bashford and Mark Rhoades. This and the remainder of the photos by Drew Altizer were taken in June at Pink Magazine’s party at Mecca, which Mark Rhoades hosted with David Cohen. Pacific Gas & Electric, with Brandon Hernandez, was the presenting sponsor.

Isaac Crummey, Joey Akel, Juanita Moore, Joshua J, Brandon Norris

Joel Goodrich, Anita Cocktail, Mark Calvano

Jose Cisneros, Larry Handerhan, Gary Virginia, Donna Sachet

Travis Becker, Ron Ryan, Mike Sullivan

Robert-Michael Joseph, Jason Dorn

Genevieve Jopanda, Jerry Locsin

Jesse Celso, Brian Bloom

Eric Szakl, Megan McCombs

John Marez, Linda Scaparotti, Chloe Harris, Pam Robinson

Cory Knox, John Darden

Maria Garcia, Renee LeFebvre, Claudia Halkyer, Kat Fiorentino, Aisha Holder

Jason Cook, Brooke Fraser
Todd Elmer, Don Newsom, Kyriell Noon
Al Lacayo, John Newmeyer, Michael Hernandez, Kendrick Rustad
Tim Gaskin, Anita Cocktail, Sharon Boggs
Kate Kendell and Laura Spanjian
Brian Lammers, Robert-Michael Joseph, Julie Candice, Alejandro Quenta