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Buh-Bye to Socialiterank

SFluxe has both loved and hated Socialiterank.com — loved it for its gossip and irreverence, but hated its dark side (all the bickering, the neurotic Mean Girl spirit, and obsession with flabby New York stylists with bad taste.)

Well, on Thursday the site announced its immediate closure, claiming that the plan was always to shut the site after a year so its founders could write a book about the experience. The New York Post quickly proposed another theory for its closure: a nasty lawsuit.

“Those rumored to be “filing action” against the site include New School co-ed Olivia Palermo and fashion designer Tory Burch. Palermo and Vogue staffer Lauren Davis are believed to have hired a private eye to identify the anonymous operators.

Some speculated yesterday that the site was being taken down because the mystery of who’s behind it was about to be solved. The prime suspects are society gadabouts Peter Davis and Derek Blasberg, with financial backing from certain heiresses.”

The news came a few days after Tory Burch‘s visit to San Francisco, so we weren’t able to ask her about it.

Tory Burch, at Nordstrom’s last week (photo by Drew Altizer)

Readers of Radar Magazine were polled and believe that the person behind Socialiterank is Derek Blasberg. But in any case, who cares now? Grieve, then move on. The new site to watch: ParkAvenuePeerage.