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Brondmo’s new venture

Hans Peter Brondmo, the successful 40-something hottie you see above, is about to launch It’s a sort of site where you collect your favorite online stuff and share it with people who presumably want to see it, and somehow it makes your life cooler and easier, and well, we don’t really know exactly what all that means because we haven’t used it yet and have no idea if it really works, but HEY — that is not the point right now.

Point number one: the company is based atop Russian Hill, and we really like that! It’s tiring to hear of all the hot start-up action congregating along the peninsula. I mean, isn’t that the suburbs? Please. Let’s get busy, San Francisco!

Point number two: isn’t it refreshing to see a wealthy internet entrepreneur who isn’t 17 and a total geek? So far, HPB is our favorite new web mogul guy!

  • Photo: Thomas Kern for Grok Magazine []
  • Article: The New Revolutionaries [The Observer, London]