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Bringing Back the Modern Flaneur

Bringing Back the Modern Flaneur

Bringing Back the Modern Flaneur | SFLUXE

San Francisco-based French artist Alexis Laurent has embarked on a new endeavor and given his history, extravagant and successful are likely to be the key elements. Preparing his 9,000 square foot studio for public consumption on a limited basis is his plan; garnering critical international attention for his paintings and sculptures is his ultimate goal.

Jennifer Larzul, Andre Larzul

Laurent recently opened his studio doors on a limited basis in celebration of the debut of his premiere fine press published artist book.

Antonio Prodas, Rodrigo Masariegos, Edwin Monson, Jesus Lopez

Spotlighting his most recent paintings and sculptures, this limited edition 100 page artist book, prepared by fine printer and publisher Gallery 16, features an introduction by Curator Emeritus of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco’s Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Robert Flynn Johnson, followed by 95 exquisitely photographed pages of Laurent’s artwork.

Michael Levit, Molly Levit

Notes Johnson, “Andy Warhol famously stated, “Everybody’s influenced by everybody” and so it is true with the art of Alexis Laurent. Although not necessarily aware of their art, his early paintings have the biomorphism of Paul Klee and the energetic surfaces of Wols, Jean Dubuffet, and Jasper Johns. His more recent paintings reference the more refined gestures of Cy Twombly and Gerhard Richter. Visual references to others, whether real or unintentional is true for all artists. What is also true is the energy and originality of Laurent’s paintings to date. But it is in sculpture that the artist is most naturally attuned. Like more true sculptors, he is both the architect and builder of his art.”

Sharon Frederick, Richard Snee
Molly Levit, Michael Levit

Mike Berger, Adam Morris
Lisa Stanton, Nicholas Baker
Jason Pulido, Robert Fountain
Gabe Zwettler, Suzy Deblois
Holly Baxter, Claudia Juestel
Cole Shelton, Jeff Leininger, Oriane Delfosse, Jesse Lauro
Pauline Keller, Alexis Laurent
Yann Taylor, Jenny Phillips
Steve Vitcov, Ruby Vitcov
Chris Baum, Amy Pageler, Sarah Jeffrey, Clara Jeffrey, John Pageler
Bridget Hedouin, Parnia Ahanin
Christoff Bertrand, Laurent Divol, Bahram Ahanin
Michael Meadows, Sophie Touze
Sheldon Granger, Andreas Nottebohm
Bahram Ahanin, Christoff Bertrand, Francois Hedouin
Pauline Keller, Mark Frank
Steve Vitcov, Alexis Laurent

Focused on the balance between painting, which is Laurent’s day-to-day turbo charged outlet, and sculpture, which he refers to as a creative team-oriented marathon, Laurent’s premiere book release illustrates a body of work that, as Johnson notes, “are but a prelude to what he will create in the future.”