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Boucheron Reflects San Francisco Elegance

Boucheron Reflects San Francisco Elegance

Boucheron Reflects San Francisco Elegance | SFLUXE 1

It’s a true reflection of the sophistication and elegance of San Francisco style that it has the distinction of being the location for the only Boucheron store in the United States (230 Post Street). The French jeweler, founded in 1858 by Frederic Boucheron, doesn’t even maintain a store in New York.

Clearly Boucheron loves San Francisco, and we are happy to report that San Francisco is madly in love with Boucheron. That much was obvious at a recent event held at Nob Hill’s Le Club, where some of our most elegant ladies came out to preview the company’s newest collection, including the new Reflet watch.

Vanessa Getty
Boucheron’s Dale Brown, with Vanessa Getty and Spencer

Boucheron held the party in honor of Vanessa Getty, and in support of her unflagging devotion to the humane treatment of animals, they donated ten percent of their sales to San Francisco Bay Area Humane Friends.

Billy Getty and Spencer

Usually at such events, everyone clamors to have their photo taken with the star of the evening, and this was no different, as everyone wanted to be seen with Spencer, who was up for adoption by the pet shelter. (Word of advice for anyone hosting a party — you cannot go wrong with a cute little orphan doggie like this! The pet brings a bit of warmth and fun to the event, and as a bonus she could get adopted into a loving home.)

Vanessa Getty
Vanessa Getty
John Traina and Dede Wilsey
Billy Getty and Stephan Jenkins
Monica Hunt and Harry Hunt
Kim Miller and Marcy Karpowitz
Robert Mailer Anderson, Nicola Miner
Angelique Griepp, Elizabeth Touw, and Stephanie Tuttle
Olga Robles, Maria Quiros, and Jennifer Nagle
Elizabeth Touw and Andrea Schnitzer
Allison Spear, Dale Brown, and Carol Bonnie
Dale Brown and Sonya Molodetskaya
Willie Brown with Tim Wu (right) and Friend
Lauren Dickinson and Andrea Coen
Marcy Carmack and Le Club’s Gina Milano
Time to shop! Allison Speer, Victoire Reynal, Tim Wu, and Ivan Bekichev
Boucheron on Display
Tim Wu, Ivan Bekichev, and Friend
Dale Brown and Dede Wilsey
  • Photos: Drew Altizer []
  • Location: Le Club [1250 Jones St. — 415.922.2582]
  • Shopping: Boucheron [230 Post St. — 415.362.6020]