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Bobbi & Katie Makeup Collection

Bobbi & Katie Makeup Collection

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It seems that Katie Holmes is truly enjoying the world of beauty. After becoming co-owner of Alterna Haircare earlier this year and after becoming the face of Bobbi Brown in September 2012, Katie Holmes is now partnering up with the brand for a makeup collection called Bobbi & Katie, slated to come out this September 2013. Katie Holmes is definitely the best woman for the job since she understands exactly how busy modern women can get nowadays and can therefore translate that understanding into the new collection.

Katie Holmes knows exactly what women want and need.

Despite the fact that Katie Holmes is a busy woman herself, that doesn’t stop her from sending ideas to Bobbi Brown about what Bobbi & Katie should include in terms of colors and palettes. Fortunately, she has a good eye for both design and color, so the task comes pretty effortless to her.

The Bobbi & Katie collection includes an eight-eye shadow palette, an eye pencil, a brush set and two pot rouges. It is especially designed for easy application and to give off a fresh and finished look. In a nutshell, it is very simple and can be applied practically anywhere while ensuring that women still feel good in the end.

As Katie Holmes put it herself, “It feels like it’’s a little secret and it has all of your tricks inside. You can quickly get yourself looking the best you could look and then put it back into your bag. It makes you feel good, and we all want to feel good.”

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This is definitely not the last Bobbi & Katie collaboration.

Bobbi & Katie are already planning ahead, as well, and are planning a skincare line next. This just goes to show how proud Katie Holmes is to be working with Bobbi Brown. The Bobbi & Katie makeup collection will be available starting on September 2013 in every store that sells Bobbi Brown products.