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Bloomingdales Supports REAF in Style

Bloomingdales Supports REAF in Style

Bloomingdales Supports REAF in Style | SFLUXE
Arsen Kalfayan, Joel Goodrich, Mark Rhoades

Bloomingdale’s San Francisco recently showcased its new menswear collections at a lively cocktail party held in support of REAF, the Richmond Ermet Aids Foundation.

lorenzo thione
Lorenzo Thione, Ari Kalfayan

Hosted by REAF supporters Mark Rhoades, Joel Goodrich and Ari Kalfayan, the event was an opportunity not only to enjoy the store’s best menswear looks, but also to introduce people to the important work done by REAF, which raises funds for AIDS service provider agencies, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.

John Bradfield, John Hunt, Joy Bianchi, Mario Diaz

Brock Keeling, Beth Spotswood – Edward King, Amir Mortazavi

Jonathan Lazar, Brenda Zarate – Bacca da Silva, Konrad Janus

Kevin Hatzell, Mark Calvano, David Kensington

Joel Goodrich, Patrik Gallineaux, Lorenzo Thione, Ari Kalfayan – Jenny Georges, Elias Michael

Jennifer Fick, Daryl Crawford, Christine Rios – Ari Kalfayan, Bailey Locke

Joel Goodrich, Sayareh Farsio, Al Lacayo