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Birthday at the Houdini

Birthday at the Houdini

Birthday at the Houdini | SFLUXE
Geragos & Geragos’ Shelley Kaufman and Mireille Schwartz

Our fashion editor, Karen Tamblyn, recently went to Los Angeles to attend Mireille Schwartz’s birthday and Golden Globes Kick-Off party. Here is her report form the fabulous evening, with photos by Drew Altizer.

Forever 21 at the Houdini
by Karen Tamblyn

What an incredible night to be in glamorous LA in the midst of the Golden Globe celebrations! The famous Sunset Street Boulevard was gridlocked with Bentleys, Maybachs and limosines of all types, lined up down the legendary street in front of the hottest places including Chateau Marmont, Boa, Mondrian just to mention a few. Celebrities “A-listers” were in view hopping from one “IT” party to the next.

Roberto de Villacis, Karen Tamblyn and John Hadeed

While the craziness of the Golden Globes took over Hollywood, San Francisco philanthropist Mireille Schwartz, with her daughter Charlotte Jude, hosted a “Forever 21” birthday party at the infamous The Houdini Mansion in Laurel Canyon.

DJ Bentley Bones mixes with Mireille Schwartz

Many of Mireille’s friends flew in for the occasion from San Francisco, including including Karen Caldwell and sister Erica Stefan, Susan Dunlevy, designer Joseph Domingo, Sonya Molodetskaya, Tom Packo, Sobia and Nadir Shaikh, PR maestros Craig Lipton and Derek Besenfelder, Keylee Sanders, Princess Fati Farmanfarmaian, Karen Clopton, Vicki Winston, John Hadeed and David Gorski, and Ludmila and Peter Eggleton.

Brent McMullen twirls Charlotte Jude

Local LA guests included legal powerhouse Shelley Kaufman from Geragos & Geragos, Patrick Aufdenkamp, designer Roberto De Villacis from “Launch My Line,” Chelsea Autum and Destin Pluff from “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” and Debbie Eagle and husband Scott Eagle from eHarmony, just to mention a few.

Happy Birthday Mireille…. It was an unforgettable night!


Torso Vintages’ John Hadeed and David Gorski with Mireille
Chelsea Autumn, Destin Pfaff, Roberto De Villacis, Rachel Federoff, Wesley Ryan
Angela Kohler and Ithyle Griffiths
Derek Besenfelder, Keylee Sanders
Karen Clopton, John Hadeed, Erica Stefan
Karen Caldwell, Natasha Lloyd, Schoen Hodges, Lauren Wolf
The Three Karens: Clopton, Tamblyn and Caldwell
Rachel Federoff and Destin Pfaff
Princess Fati Farmanfarmaian, Susan Dunlevy
Roberto De Villacis, Tom Packo and Joseph Domingo
Karen Caldwell, Vicki Winston
Erin Laurence, Scott Eagle, Debbie Eagle, Karen Tamblyn
Sonya Molodetskaya, Natasha Kolb
Craig Lipton, Derek Besenfelder, Joseph Domingo, Joel Kalmin
Angie Meyer with Sunset Tan Season 3 Castmates
John Malone, Cameron Noble
Ludmila Kisseleva-Eggleton, Charlotte Jude, Mireille Schwartz


Photos: Drew Altizer []