Best in Black

I must admit that I didn’t know who Graeme Black was when I received the invitation to meet him and see his most recent collection at Saks Fifth Avenue recently. All I knew was that some of my chicest friends wear his designs, and since Saks was throwing a party for him, he definitely must be worth a look. And I was so right.

There are some collections that you look at and say, “Well, it’s beautiful, but it’s just for a certain kind of woman…” and by that “certain kind of woman” one usually means “not you, not me, and not anyone I have ever met in my life.” But the Black collection is different — it’s full of the kind of luxury pieces you would wear every day, that you could wear almost any place, and would always look totally put together and chic without coming off as a fashion victim.

Black, who held design positions at Armani, Ferragamo and Les Copains, is a master of understated luxe — the kind of beautifully made, sophisticated, sensual designs that you look forward to putting on because you just know you’ll feel fabulous in them.

The Saks models seemed so pleased and so comfortable with the designs, they looked like they could just walk out the door wearing them.

The designer, Graeme Black, chatting with Catherine Bettis and Kimberly Jackson .

Black with Riley Viall

Deborah Minor and Allison Speer

Sarah Tam (in Yajal)

Ariane Zewe and Charlotte Milan

Riley Viall and Leslie Saliba

Deborah Minor, Stasia Reisfield, Susan Dunlevy, Jane Corrigan

Charlotte Milan and Kimberly Jackson

Kate Harbin, Therese Post and Susan Dunlevy (in Chanel)

Kate Cheung and Catherine Bettis

Elizabeth Touw and Kimberly Miller

Sarah Trauner, Graeme Black, Kate Cheung

Allison Speer, Sarah Trauner, Kate Cheung and Stephanie Plexico

  • Further Information: Graeme Black []
  • Shopping: Saks Fifth Avenue [384 Post Street, San Francisco]
  • Photos: Drew Altizer []