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Beggars to Exiles

On July 10th SFLuxe attended a private preview at the Clift’s Spanish Suite of rare Rolling Stones photographs that had been shot between 1966 and 1971. The images now have their world debut at the San Francisco Art Exchange in the exhibit “Beggars to Exiles: The Photography of Michael Cooper & Dominique Tarle.

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg, by Dominique Tarle

Photographer Dominique Tarle was in attendance as well as actor Jake Weber, star of NBC’s Medium who is photographed in these images at age 7 with the Rolling Stones (Jake, Dominique Tarle, and Simon Mais are shown together in the photo at top.)

Dominique and Jake have not seen each other since the photographs were shot during The Rolling Stones exile from England in 1971 at Villa Nellcote in the South of France, where they recorded Exile On Main Street.

The Rolling Stones frolic outside Villa Nellcôte, Keith Richards‘ sumptuous mansion by the sea in the French Riviera. Photo by Dominique Tarle.

Dominique’s photographs capture possibly the most decadent houseparty in rock and roll history! Fans of that very unique period in history will definitely want to see the exhibit (458 Geary Street), which continues until August 30.

Sarah Moody, Heather Bryce, Jane Corrigan

Diana Rayzman, Elyssa Thorp

Mireille Schwartz, Joel Goodrich

Sara Lebeck, Jennifer Rogez

Theron Kabrich, Sheila Ash

Dominique Tarle, Raj Prem

Nish Nadaraja, Pete Hancock, Megan Carpenter

Erin Sedilko, Arash Pakzad

Jennifer Rogez, Michelle Lando, Sara Lebeck

Sebastian Arseguel, Danielle Maderia

Alexandra Gadzo, Leslie Kilby Black