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Become a Tastemaker

Become a Tastemaker

Become a Tastemaker | SFLUXE 2
alexis traina
Alexis Traina and Ronda Carman

When design editor Ronda Carman came to San Francisco recently she was honored at a cocktail party hosted by Alison Pincus and Susan Feldman co-founders of One Kings Lane, with designer Scot Meacham Wood and Alexis Traina.

As founder and editor of All The Best (, which has an international following of designers and design enthusiasts, Ronda is a woman who could easily be labelled a “tastemaker.” Her site is a daily source of inspiration and information, whether she’s spotlighting a dramatic renovation, recommending a new book, or featuring an interesting interior designer.

alison pincus
Alison Pincus and Susan Feldman, Co-Founders of One Kings Lane

One of Ronda’s favorite sites is One Kings Lane (, which marked its first year of business with the launch of an exciting new project called the “Tastemaker Tag Sale.”

Juliet De Baubigny, Alison Pincus and Jeffry Weisman

Each Saturday the Tastemaker Tag Sale will feature items personally selected by leading designers such as Kendall Wilkinson, Ken Fulk, and Nathan Turner, all available at a discounted price. Alexis Traina was excited that so many of the designers involved with One Kings Lane are based in the Bay Area, pointing out that it’s only natural since so many trends originate here.

scot meacham wood
Elizabeth Cooper, Palmer Weiss and Scot Meacham Wood

Designer Scot Meacham Wood, a co-host of the event (held at the beautiful cooperative located at 2006 Washington Street, which Malin Giddings has on the market for $8,500,000,) said that One Kings Lane “has been an invaluable source for great sale prices on top-of-the-line products since it began last year.” No doubt he’ll be logging in every Saturday to capture those special tag sale items.

ken fulk

Alison Pincus, Ken Fulk and Susan Feldman

If you want to become a tastemaker like Ronda, Alexis, and Scot, then simply join One Kings Lane today at and start shopping!

elizabeth touw
Elizabeth Touw and Allison Speer
gina pell
Gina Pell and Lily Achatz
mark pincus
Mark Pincus and Alison Pincus
kimberly ayres
Kimberly Ayres and Lawanna Endonino
catherine hall
Catherine Hall, Paul Keenan and Kimberly Ayres

Photos: Drew Altizer []