Barnaby Furnas in San Francisco

As a big fan of Tom Ford, and knowing he’s a well-informed collector of art, I immediately took note of a large painting he recently placed at the entry of his London townhouse.

“This painting I love. It’s a young artist, a contemporary artist, whose name is Barnaby Furnas,” he recently said. “I had seen some of his work in New York, and I thought it was great, so he came into London and he stood right there on the landing, looked at this wall, and we commissioned this for here, this piece.”

Here, Tom shows his new painting.

“It was just delivered a couple of months ago, but it just transformed this space because that big, bold splash of red works against the classicism of the rest of the house,” he said.

It seems that a lot of Furnas’ paintings boldly make use of red, as you can see in the watercolor at the top. The 2001 work, called “Civil War,” is the only painting of his that I have been able to find for sale in San Francisco. It’s at the Anthony Meier Fine Arts gallery (1969 California), and has been priced at $95,000.

The artist, born in 1973, currently lives in New York — his work is available there at the Marianne Boesky Gallery, and in London he’s represented by Stuart Shave Modern Art. With such a prominent figure as Tom Ford speaking his praises, you’ll be seeing much more from him.

Frankly, I would take a serious look at buying the “Civil War” watercolor — and if you do, let me know! I’d also invite any other collectors of Furnas in San Francisco to write in, as I’d love to see what you have and perhaps share the images with SFluxe readers.