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Avoid the Post Office with Shyp

Avoid the Post Office with Shyp

Avoid the Post Office with Shyp | SFLUXE
You’ve had a vendetta against the post office ever since your finals-week care package failed to materialize.

Skip the inevitably awkward encounter

The process couldn’t be easier: Enter your information (address, credit card) and snap a picture of what you want to send. A Shyp driver arrives at your house, transfers your item to a Shyp container, and takes it to a warehouse to be packaged for transit.

Send items anywhere in the world. Shyp scans national carriers for the best options and sends you a list to choose from. You pay the chosen carrier’s usual rate plus a $5 fee for the service. Keep an eye on your goods via a tracking number on your electronic receipt.

Bonus: Expert staff members handle any snafus.

Eliminating your need to go postal.

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