Apron Shopping at Podium

It was so delightful to meet Elizabeth Scokin at Podium on Friday, where she unveiled her new collection of chic hostess aprons (which I told you about earlier.) Here she has a chat with Willie Brown and Podium owner Sonya Molodetskaya.

The party, hosted by Rosalina Lydster (above, with Elizabeth Scokin and Arnold Laub) Sonya Molodetskaya, Willie Brown and Claudia Ross, was a fabulous little affair that brought together some of the city’s most fashion forward, eager to try out this fun new wardrobe item.

Claudia Ross, Lisa Alexander, Elizabeth Scokin

Designer Lisa Alexander stopped by, and while she wasn’t one of the lucky folks who bought a hostess apron, she did make off with a fabulous suede vest which was absolutely perfect for the outfit she came in wearing (don’t you love it when that happens?)

Mireille Schwartz and Cameron Noble dropped by — Mireille was wearing the most adorable “fur flower” pin on her jacket, reminding me that fall is indeed upon us! Can you believe it?

Record producer JC Hopkins came with singer Ysabella Brave, who showed off a fabulous short new ‘do. With the black turtleneck, she reminds me of the great Kim Novak!