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Anything Goes in San Francisco

Anything Goes in San Francisco

anything goes

“Anything Goes” at the Golden Gate Theatre, San Francisco
Photo: Joan Marcus

Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of “Anything Goes,” playing at the Golden Gate Theater in San Francisco until February 3, 2013, recently received an outstanding review in one of our favorite fashion sites.

Writing for “Diane, A Shaded View on Fashion,” Laura Albert raved about the Cole Porter Broadway revival, noting that:

“To watch Rachel York belt, dance, and charm as the tough and brassy Reno Sweeney is to experience the elation of her pure energetic bliss. You also see how the sensation of her stellar performance ignites the entire cast, as can only happen with a live show — you’ll never get this energy charge from a Youtube video!

It kept the audience erupting in cheers throughout the evening. We were so blown away by what we were witnessing live, we could barely wait to give our standing ovation at the end. This production of Anything Goes is as joyous and buoyant as musicals get, and it’s not to be missed.”

You can read more of Laura’s review at, and still have until February 3rd to see the show before it ends!


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