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Ann Getty showcased in new book by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Ann Getty showcased in new book by Diane Dorrans Saeks


We’re thrilled to see that Diane Dorrans Saeks’ book on Ann Getty, “Ann Getty: Interior Style” is going to be available from Rizzoli on October 16, 2012!

What an incredible achievement. It’s the first compilation of Ann Getty’s interiors, with a true insider’s view of her work. And we can’t think of anyone better qualified to write about it than Diane Dorrans Saeks.

We’re told the book, with sumptuous photos by Lisa Romerein, explores everything from the legendary Pacific Heights residence she and Gordon Getty use for entertaining and displaying their world-class collection of art and antiques, to the comfortable yet elegant townhouse she designed for a stylish young family.

“It’s a rare and very private view,” Diane recently said, “including new houses designed by Ann Getty that have never been published.” (You can see a preview of the book at

The book also demonstrates how to combine objects from different time periods and styles in a sumptuous atmosphere rich in bold colors, vibrant textures, and classic elegance.

What a perfect way to begin the fall season in San Francisco!

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