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amfAR’s 10th Annual Gala in San Francisco

amfAR’s 10th Annual Gala in San Francisco

amfAR's 10th Annual Gala in San Francisco | SFLUXE
Donna Sachet, Francein Hansen and Joel Goodrich

The elegant Four Seasons Hotel recently hosted the 10th annual San Francisco Gala of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), and Donna Sachet was there to report back to us about this important evening.

by Donna Sachet

Alex Mehran, Jr. and Maggie Rizer

The outer room was filled with celebrity-affiliated silent auction items, and the ballroom sparkled with huge white orchid centerpieces and twin video screens which were used throughout the evening.

Peter Poulos, Nick Augustinos, Vanessa Getty, Curt Kirschner

The crowd inside certainly included those people often called the “A-Gays,” but also a generous component of our straight allies, including Kenneth Cole of shoe fame, Paul Pelosi , Denise Hale, Beth Townsend, Vanessa Getty, and Joy Venturini Bianchi . At our table, Mark Calvano and Joel Goodrich made one of the most generous live auction bids of the evening.

Christina Zee, Antonio White, Carita Roin, Captian Michael Gerold

Our real impetus for attending, however, was to join in honoring a long-time friend, Peter Poulos, who ran a special events company when he lived here and generously supported many of the early AIDS organizations, particularly amfAR.

Peter Poulos, Bobby Sullivan, Adrianna Sullivan

He was introduced on stage by fellow Greek and former Mayor of San Francisco Art Agnos, who lovingly detailed Peter’s commitment to the cause and hilariously called him the hardest working Gay Greek since Alexander the Great!

Jo Lynn Hardiman, Juliette Barkdull, Karen Tamblyn, Rex Lee, Kevin Robert Frost

Rex Lee of the television show Entourage served as host, and emcee and supermodel Maggie Rizer shared a very personal story of her own father’s struggle with AIDS. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised, and hope was rekindled during a truly special evening.

Sebastian Siegel, Kenneth Cole
Skip Price, Amy Bonetti Price
Jorge Maumer, Marius Carluci
Stephen Brady, Vince Calcagno, Lisa Sardegna, Peter Poulos, David Carrillo
Vince Calagno, Beth Townsend, Joe Lucero

Photos from the evening were provided by Drew Altizer and Jessica Brandi Lifland for Drew Altizer.

Teresa Williamson, Marianne Parsons, Christine Harris
Claudia Ross, Sebastian Siegel
Michael Canady, Elizabeth Canady
Leno Cortina, Robert Fountain
Fati Farmanfarmaian, Afsaneh Akhtari
Daru Kawalkowski
Alan Morrell, Joy Bianchi
Keylee Sanders, Derek Besenfelder, Marcy Karpowitz
Denise Hale, Alex Chases
Maria Ehmer, Joel Goodrich, Natalia Urratia, Brenda Zarate
vanessa getty
Vanessa Getty
Michael Polenske, Kimberly Miller, Paul Pelosi
Tracy Chapman, James Walsh
Donna Sachet, Martha Wash
Stefanie Roumeliotes, Mark Calvano
Keylee Sanders, Sany Mandel

Photos: Drew Altizer []
Author: Donna Sachet []