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amfAR Scientists Speak to Supporters

amfAR Scientists Speak to Supporters

amfAR Scientists Speak to Supporters | SFLUXE
Dr. Mervyn Silvermann and Deborah Silvermann, with Lisa Sardegna

David Carrillo and Lisa Sardegna recently hosted a small reception at their charming Pacific Heights home for supporters of amfAR, the Foundation for Aids Research, to learn a bit about what amfAR and its scientists have been working on recently.

Dr. Rowena Johnston, the Vice President and Director of Research for amfAR and Dr. Steve Deeks, from the University of California, San Francisco, spoke of how the financial support amfAR receives enables them to pursue cutting-edge HIV/AIDS research — studies that may change the landscape of the epidemic forever.

Guests included Maggie Rizer Mehran and Alex Mehran, Jr., Karen Tamblyn, Larry Block, Julie Candice, John Rosin and others.

Guests such as Alex and Maggie Rizer Mehran, John Capizzi and Glenn Riddell, Dr. Mervyn and Deborah Silvermann, Minal Jethmal, Karen Tamblyn, Larry Block, Julie Candice (visiting from Los Angeles), Joel Goodrich, Mark Calvano, John Rosin among others were engrossed in the insights provided by Drs. Johnston and Deeks.

Among recent news from amfAR is its announcement that it’s funding a new series of studies in its amfAR Research Consortium on HIV Eradication program, which is focussed on eradication of HIV entirely.

Dr. Mervyn Silvermann and Dr. Rowena Johnston
Glenn Riddell, John Capizzi and Minal Jethmal

Founded in 1985, amfAR is dedicated to ending the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research. With the freedom and flexibility to respond quickly to emerging areas of scientific promise, amfAR plays a catalytic role in accelerating the pace of HIV/AIDS research and achieving real breakthroughs. amfAR-funded research has increased our understanding of HIV and has helped lay the groundwork for major advances in the study and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Since 1985, amfAR has invested more than $340 million in its mission and has awarded grants to more than 2,000 research teams worldwide!