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Amber Marie and Tippi in Union Square

Amber Marie and Tippi in Union Square

Amber Marie and Tippi in Union Square | SFLUXE 2

I finally have a moment to share with you some of Drew Altizer’s photos from Amber Marie Bently’s fabulous jewelry launch party that I told you about earlier. It was such a wonderful evening.

Amber Marie Bently and Christopher Bently

If people weren’t buzzing about the jewelry (I spoke to one woman who looked almost in tears because one of the one-of-a-kind items she wanted had been sold to someone else), then they were excited about meeting Tippi Hedren, or else were just enjoying the fabulous atmosphere of glamorous people and super-sexy models made-up as wild cats.

Aside from being fun, it was also an informative evening. I found out that it costs $75,000 a month for Ms. Hedren and her organization to care for the animals at the Shambala Preserve in Acton, California. I had no idea it cost so much. But that’s why events like this are so important — it’s not just awareness that needs to be raised, but, quite frankly, cash!

Justin Fichelson and Tippi Hedren

If you didn’t get to meet her, Tippi Hedren will be at another important event that the Bentlys are hosting this month: “The Farallon Islands Blue Ball.” It’s going to be held at The Bently Reserve and will raise funds for PRBO Conservation Science. Actress Minnie Driver will also be attending. Wear blue.

I must say — and I wasn’t the only one to notice — that Amber Marie Bently was stunning in her Ungaro dress at the party. It was a joy to see someone so happy — she just glowed!

Ted and Pamala Deikel with Amber Marie and Christopher Bently

Ysabella Brave

I was also very excited to have met Ysabella Brave at the party. As a fan of “The Birds” and “Marnie,” she took time out of her busy schedule (she is said to be putting together a CD for her new recording contract), to come to San Francisco just for the evening.

Nouri Azouaou with Tippi’s husband, Martin Dinnes

Sophia Bekele and Bruce Smith

Cameron Noble and Mireille Schwartz with Mireille’s adorable daughter in a Pucci-print dress. Young people are so chic these days!

Ultra-glamorous! Elizabeth Thieriot and Robyn Paret

Nadyne Oronoa and Amber Marie Bently

Ramune Amdrozaitis and Dorothy Torresi

Laleh Zohadi, Lily Samii and Rachel Mage. SFluxe is mad for Rachel’s red jacket!

No Willie? It was a girls night out for Sonya Molodetskaya and her friends Nina and Natalie. Sonya and I chatted about the very exciting event she’ll be hosting at Podium later this month for SFluxe Favorite Elizabeth Scokin. You won’t want to miss it.

Sophie Azouaou and fashion designer Jason Christopher Peters