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Amanda Brooks, I Love Your Style

Amanda Brooks, I Love Your Style

Amanda Brooks, I Love Your Style | SFLUXE 1
amanda brooks
Amanda Brooks at Chanel in Los Angeles

New York-based fashion consultant Amanda Brooks will be in San Francisco this month to promote her new guidebook to style, “I Love Your Style.” The hugely successful book (now in its third printing) is part scrapbook, part inspiration board, and part cultural history.

amanda brooks
Minnie Mortimer, Amanda, and Samantha Gregory at Chanel, Los Angeles

Brooks writes about her fashion icons, and catalogs different looks which she categorizes in groups defined as bohemian, minimal, high fashion, street, eclectic, and classic.

charlotte rampling
Brooks’ Fashion Icon Charlotte Rampling, 1976

This is a book that should be in the home of anyone who really loves fashion. It has even been given a recommendation by Anna Wintour, who wrote that “In this wonderfully wise book, Amanda Brooks reveals the style secrets of unexpectedly elegant, singular women from all walks of life. It’s candid, canny and cool, much like Brooks herself.”

amanda brooks

Amanda at New York Fashion Week, Fall 2010

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