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All About Yves

All About Yves

All About Yves | SFLUXE 1

This week I was asked by “Hint Magazine” to write a tribute to the designer Yves Saint Laurent, who recently died in Paris after a long illness. It was my pleasure to recall my early interest in the legendary designer’s career, and his tremendous influence on my life. I am just one of so many people worldwide who have mourned the loss of this great artist. You can read it at this link.

In digging through my files, I found this photo of Ivana Trump wearing Yves Saint Laurent haute couture, taken after her divorce from The Donald in 1990. How fitting that in this month’s “Nob Hill Gazette,” one of my favorite writers (“Boswell Peeps,”) has a full report from Ivana’s wedding to husband no. 2, Rossano. Notes Boswell, in his inimitable style: “It was an ‘uplifting’ evening, and every plastic surgeon in the world was represented, helping with uplifts, downloads, sideswipes, etc.”

Damion Matthews

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