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The Royal Scotsman: All Aboard the Luxury Train of Scotland!

Travel in luxury aboard The Royal Scotsman.

While trains aren't exactly considered to be very practical for a lot of people anymore, it would still be the best means to travel if you want an exotic experience during your trip. If you just love trains, in general, or would love to travel through dramatic landscapes while inside a beautiful train, then try The Royal Scotsman on for size! The Royal Scotsman travels through the Highlands and other areas of western Scotland from Edinburgh for an unforgettable week-long journey. It's like a Scottish version of the Orient Express – which just happens to be operated by the exact same company.

The Royal Scotsman consists of 9 vintage cars that glisten with their maroon paint. While it doesn't really look much smaller than regular trains in terms of size, you may be surprised to find yourself with a small group of only 36 passengers once you get on board. While every train has intimate compartments, in general; the ones in The Royal Scotsman are lavishly decorated and paneled in deep, rich colors. You will also see a lot of dark green and tartan leather to complete the Scottish experience.

Enjoy the utmost luxury aboard The Royal Scotsman.

Depending on how much you actually love trains, a few nights on The Royal Scotsman may be enough for you to see the country in the utmost luxury. However, unlike the Blue Train of South Africa, The Royal Scotsman isn't every effective as a form of general transportation. You are sure to sleep very well at night, though, since it is berthed at night.

Some of the day excursions that you may enjoy while on The Royal Scotsman include a visit to Glamis Castle and the Dalwhinnie whiskey distillery, as well as an afternoon shooting at clay targets outside of the Rothiemurchus estate. All of the meals aboard The Royal Scotsman are quite formal, too, so you are free to suit up and dress up as you please. You might as well go all out, right?