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Adorean Boleancu’s Spring Poem

Adorean Boleancu’s Spring Poem

The weather in San Francisco has been absolutely beautiful this Spring season. We thought this poem by Adorean Boleancu captured the moment wonderfully, and we hope you’ll like it too.

Adorean Boleancu

Harmony Spring Through The Air
By Adorean Boleancu
In the wake ahead of the spring night,
You release your inner soul which shines oh… so bright.
The anxious wind sweeps its magical fingers through your silky hair,
You almost question… now is this even fair.
The echo of the ocean waves harp against the sand by the Bay,
As we sit back and enjoy the magical strings the band shall soon play.
This elegant evening as you sharply dress and how good it feels,
Is bound to capture the tranquil shutters of romantic seals.
With you by my side, this special night,
I shall be honored to have you, simply you, a gorgeous sight.
I hope you consider and accept my ever warm invite,
May harmony spring through the air with all its might!