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A Summer Garden Party at The Fairmont

A Summer Garden Party at The Fairmont

Fairmont San Francisco recently welcomed Paul Tormey, their new Regional Vice President and General Manager, in the newly-altered Laurel Court Restaurant & Bar.

Nilda Andrews, Mike Ledesma
Nilda Andrews, Mike Ledesma (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Guests were treated to a grand arrangement of roses, Fairmont’s unique Classics cocktails, and some of the new Fairmont San Francisco Beespoke Honey Pale Ale.

Matthew Kent, Jaron Caldwell
Matthew Kent, Jaron Caldwell (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

The Nob Hill garden party was also a chance to celebrate collaborative projects with Le Labo and Local Brewing Co.

Jojo Ginn, Daniel Dancona
Jojo Ginn, Daniel Dancona (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Monica Ramani, Katrina Wong
Monica Ramani, Katrina Wong (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Roland Petersen, Caryl Ritter Petersen
Roland Petersen, Caryl Ritter Petersen (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Eric Overstreet, Regan Long
Eric Overstreet, Regan Long (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Betsy Linder, Marsha Monro
Betsy Linder, Marsha Monro (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Bridgette Slattery, Wendy Lai
Bridgette Slattery, Wendy Lai (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Terry Witzel, Diane Witzel
Terry Witzel, Diane Witzel (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Paul Tormey
Paul Tormey (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
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