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A Safe Halloween For Kids

As many of you know, SFLuxe.com’s Damion Matthews is a supporter of the Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board (allergysf.com), which was founded by local parent Mireille Schwartz, who is featured ocassionally on this site.

We have seen how difficult it can be for parents during the holidays who have children with food allergies (over 3 million nationally, according to Centers for Disease Control), which is why we were delighted that the San Francisco Chronicle’s Karola Saekel wrote an article this week featuring Mireille’s special list of candies that are safe for folks with some of the most common food allergies.

Even though your child may not have an allergy, it’s a good list to keep around for when they have playmates around, or when you have trick-or-treaters knocking at your door this Halloween.