A Predators Mohawk

Jessica Silverman of the Silverman Gallery has alerted SFluxe to “A Predators Mohawk,” the first solo exhibit of Yuval Pudik, a young Israeli-born artist whom she compares to Joel-Peter Witkin, Claude Cahun, and Ernst Haeckel.

His work, which is apparently self-portraiture, explores transformation and identity through the use of costumes, masks and multiple sexual personae.

Pudik works primarily in black-and white, with an elegant line I admire very much. He has an eye for the way costume can create mood and scene — much like the Decadent master, Aubrey Beardsley, who also could have inspired Pudik’s sense of the uncanny.

Like the early work of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and Thierry Mugler at his finest, his figures combine fashion with botany, taxidermy, automobiles and other things. It’s chic but strange. I would be surprised if he is not soon commissioned to do advertisements for one of the more experimental European designers.